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Crisis Hotline

The Show was premiered via Zoom on 26 March 2022 for our American audience and on 27 March 2022 for the Indian audience 

A not so dark comedy that starts with a call for help.  Crisis Hotline explores and celebrates the universal need we all have for connection.  Given the ordeal of the last two pandemic years, the need for connection and overcoming isolation is stronger than ever.  Connection is often the feeling of a shared experience and this comes across loud and clear in Dan Borengasser’s feel good comedy about connection.

Dan Borengasser: The Playwright

Crisis Hotline has had two staged readings – First Night in Fayetteville, AR and the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano, CA. It was performed as a radio play by Shoestring Radio Theatre in San Francisco.

Many of Dan Borengasser’s plays have been produced or have received staged readings. Four of his plays (A.R@UNI.GOV, The Kindness of Strangers, The Canterbury Tales Revisited and Sense & Insensibility) have been published. Borengasser’s plays have been produced in theatres across the country from New York to Los Angeles, as well as in Canada, Mexico, India, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Several short screenplays have been produced, as well as a feature-length film he helped write titled The Donor Conspiracy. A number of radio plays have been produced and broadcast nationally.y.

In addition to stage plays, Dan Borengasser has written science fiction stories, screenplays and children’s fiction, and was a syndicated humor columnist. He blushes to admit that one of the science fiction stories was nominated for a Hugo and that he’s won numerous awards for stage plays and screenplays.

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