Upcoming  Production

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Steven A. Shapiro’s play The Waiting Room is a dramedy about desperate desire, lost love, and of course waiting. The driving force of the play focuses on the perils of love and the power of transformation. The Waiting Room highlights the fact that sometimes the best things that happen to us aren’t what we are expecting.   🎭


Our Online Productions


"Above and Beyond"

An astronaut, in the middle of a lengthy flight on the Space Station, has a disconcerting conversation with her husband back on Earth, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Andy, the husband is home alone, while his astronaut wife, Millie orbits the earth in a space station.

"The Rape Artist"

The play asks the question: what  price ratings?  It taps into the ongoing TV news interview trend of using shocking points of view only for the purpose of increasing ratings—a serious subject such as rape treated, in effect, as nothing more than a kind of tap dance or sit-com.


"Crisis Hotline"

Crisis Hotline is a “not so dark” comedy that starts with a call for help. The play explores and celebrates the universal need we all have for connection.  Given the ordeal of the last two pandemic years, our need for connection and overcoming isolation is stronger than ever. Connection is often the feeling of a shared experience and this comes across loud and clear in Dan Borengasser’s feel-good comedy about connection.


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